Minerva-Fast-Track Position for Dr. Eteri Svanidze

1. Juli 2019

The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids congratulates physicist Dr. Eteri Svanidze on her 2019 Minerva-Fast-Track Position. The pilot project, Minerva-Fast-Track program of the Max Planck Society offers outstanding female scientists a chance to plan their careers for the long-term. Typically, only two Minerva-Fast-Track Positions are awarded annually, giving exceptional scientists the possibility to establish a Minerva-Fast-Track Research group, following directly their dissertation or after the first postdoc position.

From the beginning of July, Dr. Svanidze will head a REALM (Research of Exotic Actinide and Lanthanide Materials) research group. The REALM group will focus on design of new solid-state materials as well as the advancement of quality of the known compounds. By harnessing the power of solid-state chemistry, condensed matter physics, and material science, the REALM group will work towards expanding our basic fundamental understanding of unconventional solid-state systems, which will in turn unlock their full application potential. More specifically, the REALM group will focus on magnetic and superconducting actinide- and lanthanide-based materials, the theoretical prediction and understanding of which remains particularly challenging. The majority of work will be carried out in the Laboratory of High Safety Standards, which provides an unparalleled environment for solid-state synthesis and characterization.

Yuri Grin / YG

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