TUD Young Investigators

January 19, 2023

Dr. Eteri Svanidze and Dr. Uri Vool, research group leaders at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, were appointed TUD Young Investigators.

TU Dresden awards this status to outstanding scientists to strengthen their position within the faculty. TUD Young Investigators are allowed to review doctoral theses and participate in various activities within the faculty, including teaching.

Eteri has been head of the “Research of Exotic Actinide and Lanthanide Materials” (REALM) group at MPI CPfS since July of 2019. The research group works on solid-state materials containing lanthanides and actinides, showing exotic properties such as unconventional superconductivity and complex magnetic orders. This work provides insights into the interplay of chemical and physical properties of these peculiar systems, pushing us closer to unveiling their application potential. She is hosted by Prof. Dr. Michael Ruck within the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry.

Since March 2022, Uri has been leading the "Quantum Information for Quantum Materials" (QIQM) research group at the MPI CPfS. The research group works on quantum sensing and hybrid quantum devices, combining techniques from quantum information and condensed matter physics. In this synergy, quantum systems can be used as sensitive probes of material properties, and quantum materials can be incorporated into novel coherent devices for quantum technology. He is hosted by the Faculty of Physics.

TUD and MPI CPfS are looking forward to the fruitful collaborations.

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