Celebration of Yuri Grin and Margot Pester

August 08, 2023

On July 31, a ceremony was held in the Winter Garden of our Institute in honor of our Director Yuri Grin and his secretary Margot Pester. In the presence of numerous colleagues from all departments, Hao Tjeng gave a speech honoring the distinguished careers of Yuri Grin, who will move to emeriti status in August, and Margot Pester, who will continue to support him.

As a gift from the Institute, Andrea Schwoboda presented Yuri Grin with a locomotive for his railroad layout, which is currently under construction. In choosing their gift for Yuri Grin, the staff of the Chemical Metals Science Department had gone back to the early days of his scientific career. A crystal structure of Hf3Ni2Si3 discovered by Yuri Grin, was made by a sub-surface laser engraving.

Margot Pester received a delightful book from the Institute. Her co-workers from the Chemical Metal Science Department also presented her with a book from a local print shop.

We thank both Yuri Grin and Margot Pester for their contributions to our institute and are looking forward to many exciting Emeriti years ahead!

Yuri Grin
Yuri Grin, Andreas Schwoboda, Walter Schnelle, Hao Tjeng
Ehren von unserem Direktor Yuri Grin und seiner Sekretärin Margot Pester
Ehren von Yuri Grin und Margot Pester
Margot Pester

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