Carl Hermann Medal of the German Society for Crystallography for Juri Grin

April 04, 2024

Since 1996, the Carl Hermann Medal of the German Society for Crystallography has been awarded to outstanding researchers for their life's work in the research field of crystallography and its wider environment. In a ceremony at this year's annual meeting of the DGK on March 18, 2024, Juri Grin was honored with the Carl-Hermann-Medal for his fundamental contributions to the crystal chemistry of intermetallic compounds and in particular to the influence of the real structure on chemical bonding and physical properties.

The properties of intermetallic compounds are substantially influenced by the crystal structure and chemical bonding of such solids. In addition to the ideal atomic arrangement described by a structure type, the real structure often also has a decisive influence on the chemical bond and thus on the physical properties. The deeper understanding of these relationships lays the foundation for the targeted modification of known compounds, which contribute to the development of new functional materials, including the field of thermoelectric. The research of Juri Grin and the Chemical Metals Science Department has not only made significant contributions to this field in recent years, but his work has also led to the practical testing of new modules for generating electricity from waste heat and to the design of novel catalysts for various chemical processes. The precise characterization of intermetallic compounds using structure-chemical and theoretical methods will continue to enable the tailor-made development and production of new materials in the future.


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