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Shekhar, Chandra
Chandra Shekhar
Group leader

Phone: +49 351 4646-3426
Room: B3.3.26

Topological materials

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Kumar, Vivek
Vivek Kumar
Graduate student


Vir, Praveen
Praveen Vir
Graduate student

Phone: +49 351 4646-3429
Room: B3.3.29

Magnetic anisotropy

Süß, Vicky
Vicky Süß
Research technician

Phone: +49 351 4646-2272
Room: B1.2.31

Topological materials

Magnetic anisotropy in Heuslers Compounds

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Heusler compounds, X2YZ (where X, Y are transition metals and Z is a main-group element), are well known for their multi-functional properties. The new materials in the Heusler family can be designed on the basis of simple rules taking into account the position of the atoms, the number of valence electrons, the degree of atomic disorder and the strength of the exchange interactions. In particular, the magnetic Heuslers with multiple magnetic sub-lattices provide a perfect platform for the design of anisotropic and acentric room-temperature magnets with flexible magnetic configurations. Based on these principles we have designed several new Heusler materials with extraordinary properties. We have designed a compensated magnetic material by combining two oppositely magnetized ferrimagnetic systems that shows an extremely large exchange bias and coercivity. In a very recent work, we have demonstrated the existence of a noncollinear magnetic state and skyrmions in some acentric Heusler materials. We also study several other properties, such as, hard magnet, magnetocaloric effect and shape memory effect in different Heusler materials.

Future prospective: At present, our main focus is on the investigation of noncollinear magnetism and skyrmions in Heusler materials. By proper design of the magnetic anisotropy we want to stabilize the skyrmion phase at room temperature. Further, the electric field induced motion of skyrmions in Heusler materials is studied for its application in racetrack memory. In future, it is planned to study the exchange bias effect in ferromagnet - compensated ferrimagnet (Heusler) systems.

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