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    Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Ormeci, A.; Levchenko, . V.; Schögl, R.; Grin, Y.; Armbrüster, M.: CO Adsorption on GaPd—Unravelling the Chemical Bonding in Real Space. ChemPhysChem 18 (4), S. 334 - 337 (2017)
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    Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Levchenko, S. V.; Armbrüster, M.: CO adsorption on the GaPd(̅1 ̅1 ̅1) surface: a comparative DFT study using different functionals. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (21), S. 14390 - 14400 (2016)
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    Luo, Y.; Alarcon Villaseca, S.; Friedrich, M.; Teschner, D.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Armbrüster, M.: Addressing electronic effects in the semi-hydrogenation of ethyne by InPd2 and intermetallic Ga-Pd compounds. Journal of Catalysis 338, S. 265 - 272 (2016)
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    Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Kandaskalov, D.; Gaudry, É.; Armbrüster, M.: Chemical Bonding in Zinc-based Intermetallic Compounds with the CuTi or the CsCl Type of Structure. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 640 (5), S. 753 - 759 (2014)
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    Mayr, L.; Lorenz, H.; Armbrüster, M.; Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Luo, Y.; Cardoso, R.; Burkhardt, U.; Zemlyanov, D.; Haevecker, M.; Blume, R. et al.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Klötzer, B.; Penner, S.: The catalytic properties of thin film Pd-rich GaPd2 in methanol steam reforming. Journal of Catalysis 309, S. 231 - 240 (2014)
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    Friedrich, M.; Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Szentmiklosi, L.; Teschner, D.; Armbrüster, M.: Order-Induced Selectivity Increase of Cu60Pd40 in the Semi-Hydrogenation of Acetylene. Materials 6 (7), S. 2958 - 2977 (2013)
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    Ledieu, J.; Gaudry, E.; Serkovic Loli, L. N.; Alarcón Villaseca, S.; de Weerd, M.-C.; Hahne, M.; Gille, P.; Grin, Y.; Dubois, J.-M.; Fournée, V.: Structural Investigation of the (010) Surface of the Al13Fe4 Catalyst. Physical Review Letters 110 (7), 076102, S. 076102-1 - 076102-5 (2013)
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    Shin, H.; Pussi, K.; Gaudry, É.; Ledieu, J.; Fournée, V.; Alarcón Villaseca, S.; Dubois, J.-M.; Grin, Y.; Gille, P.; Moritz, W. et al.; Diehl, R. D.: Structure of the orthorhombic Al13Co4(100) surface using LEED, STM, and ab initio studies. Physical Review B 84 (8), 085411, S. 085411-1 - 085411-11 (2011)
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