Publikationen von Johannes Gooth

Zeitschriftenartikel (43)

Noky, J.; Gooth, J.; Felser, C.; Sun, Y.: Characterization of topological band structures away from the Fermi level by the anomalous Nernst effect. Physical Review B 98 (24), 241106, S. 1 - 5 (2018)
Wirths, S.; Mayer, B. F.; Schmid, H.; Sousa, M.; Gooth, J.; Riel, H.; Moselund, K. E.: Room-Temperature Lasing from Monolithically Integrated GaAs Microdisks on Silicon. ACS Nano 12 (3), S. 2169 - 2175 (2018)
Xin, J.; Li, G.; Auffermann, G.; Borrmann, H.; Schnelle, W.; Gooth, J.; Zhao, X.; Zhu, T.; Felser, C.; Fu, C.: Growth and transport properties of Mg3X2 (X = Sb, Bi) single crystals. Materials Today Physics 7, S. 61 - 68 (2018)
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