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OTF 2019 Poster Award Winner

24. Juli 2019
Dr. Chi-Nan Wu was awarded the best poster prize at the 4th Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. [mehr]
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Gewinner des IXS 2019 Poster Session Awards

18. Juli 2019
Dr. Brett Leedahl wurde auf der 11. Internationalen Konferenz für Inelastische Röntgensteuung (IXS 2019) im Stony Brook, USA, vom 24. bis 28. Juni 2019 mit dem Poster Session Award ausgezeichnet. [mehr]
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Inauguration of the new MPI-NSRRC beamline in Taiwan

10. Mai 2019
The newly constructed MPI-NSRRC TPS 45A beamline has been inaugurated on 7-May-2019 in the presence of the German Ambassador in Taiwan and the Deputy Minister of the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology. [mehr]
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Neue Methode zur Sichtbarmachung von elektronischen Orbitalen in Kristallen

26. März 2019
Eine Zusammenarbeit des Max-Planck Instituts für Chemische Physik fester Stoffe (MPI-CPfS) in Dresden, der Universität Heidelberg, der Universität zu Köln und dem Deutschen Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg entwickelt neue Methode zur Sichtbarmachung von elektronischen Orbitalen in Kristallen.  [mehr]
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Revealing the topological nature of the surface states in SmB6

9. November 2018
The topological nature of the surface states in SmB6 is exposed by means of scanning tunneling spectroscopy on samples with magnetic substituents or by using magnetic tunneling tips. These local measurements are complemented by global transport measurements on identical samples. [mehr]
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A universal strategy to design superior water splitting electrocatalysts with in situ fast surface reconstruction

5. Oktober 2018
A universal strategy based on electrochemically induced fast reconstruction of amorphous nanofilm precursors is proposed for exploring ultrahigh mass activity and extremely stable bifunctional water splitting catalysts. The facile reconstruction strategy is promising for the development of novel efficient catalysts for other advanced energy conversion and storage devices. [mehr]
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From single-ion Kondo effect to Kondo lattice formation

20. August 2018
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy data on the archetypical heavy fermion metal YbRh2Si2 establish a hierarchy of energy scales, with the dominance of the lattice Kondo effect requiring temperatures well (about an order of magnitude) below the single-ion Kondo temperature of about 25 K. Only if the lattice Kondo correlations are sufficiently established, quantum critical fluctuations can evolve. [mehr]
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