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    Barkalov, O. I.; Naumov, P. G.; Felser, C.; Medvedev, S. A.: Corrigendum to 'Pressure-induced transition to Ni2In-type phase in lithium sulphide (Li2S)' [Solid State Sci. 61 (2016) 220-224]. Solid State Sciences 65, S. 116 - 116 (2017)
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    Evers, J.; Moeckl, L.; Oehlinger, G.; Koeppe, R.; Schnoeckel, H.; Barkalov, O.; Medvedev, S.; Naumov, P.: More Than 50 Years after Its Discovery in SiO2 Octahedral Coordination Has Also Been Established in SiS2 at High Pressure. Inorganic Chemistry 56 (1), S. 372 - 377 (2017)
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    Mangelsen, S.; Naumov, P. G.; Barkalov, O. I.; Medvedev, S. A.; Schnelle, W.; Bobnar, M.; Mankovsky, S.; Polesya, S.; Naether, C.; Ebert, H. et al.; Bensch, W.: Large nonsaturating magnetoresistance and pressure-induced phase transition in the layered semimetal HfTe2. Physical Review B 96 (20), 205148, S. 1 - 9 (2017)
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    Naumov, P. G.; Filsinger, K.; Shylin, S. I.; Barkalov, O. I.; Ksenofontov, V.; Qi, Y.; Palasyuk, T.; Schnelle, W.; Medvedev, S. A.; Greenblatt, M. et al.; Felser, C.: Pressure-induced magnetic collapse and metallization of TlFe1.6Se2. Physical Review B 96 (6), 064109, S. 1 - 7 (2017)
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    Naumov, P. G.; Filsinger, K.; Barkalov, O. I.; Fecher, G. H.; Medvediev, S. A.; Felser, C.: Pressure-induced transition to the collapsed tetragonal phase in BaCr2As2. Physical Review B 95 (14), 144106, S. 1 - 6 (2017)
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    Barkalov, O.; Naumov, P. G.; Felser, C.; Medvedev, S. A.: Pressure-induced transition to Ni2In-type phase in lithium sulfide (Li2S). Solid State Sciences 61, S. 220 - 224 (2016)
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    Naumov, P.; Barkalov, O.; Mirhosseini, H.; Felser, C.; Medvediev, S. A.: Atomic and electronic structures evolution of the narrow band gap semiconductor Ag2Se under high pressure. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (38), 385801, S. 1 - 6 (2016)
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    Qi, Y.; Shi, W.; Naumov, P. G.; Kumar, N.; Schnelle, W.; Barkalov, O.; Shekhar, C.; Borrmann, H.; Felser, C.; Yan, B. et al.; Medvedev, S. A.: Pressure-driven superconductivity in the transition-metal pentatelluride HfTe5. Physical Review B 94 (5), 054517, S. 1 - 9 (2016)
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    Qi, Y.; Naumov, P. G.; Ali, M. N.; Rajamathi, C. R.; Schnelle, W.; Barkalov, O.; Hanfland, M.; Wu, S.-C.; Shekhar, C.; Sun, Y. et al.; Süß, V.; Schmidt, M.; Schwarz, U.; Pippel, E.; Werner, P.; Hillebrand, R.; Foerster, T.; Kampert, E.; Parkin, S.; Cava, R. J.; Felser, C.; Yan, B.; Medvediev, S. A.: Superconductivity in Weyl semimetal candidate MoTe2. Nature Communications 7, 11038, S. 1 - 7 (2016)
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    Medvedev, S. A.; Barkalov, O. I.; Naumov, P.; Palasyuk, T.; Evers, J.; Klapötke, T. M.; Felser, C.: Phase transitions of cesium azide at pressures up to 30 GPa studied using in situ Raman spectroscopy. Journal of Applied Physics 117 (16), 165901, S. 1 - 5 (2015)
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    Naumov, P. G.; Ksenofontov, V.; Lyubutin, I. S.; Medvedev, S. A.; Barkalov, O. I.; Palasyuk, T.; Magos-Palasyuk, E.; Felser, C.: Structural transitions under high-pressure in a langasite-type multiferroic Ba3TaFe3Si2O14. Solid State Sciences 49 (11), S. 37 - 42 (2015)
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    Medvedev, S. A.; Naumov, P.; Barkalov, O.; Shekhar, C.; Palasyuk, T.; Ksenofontov, V.; Wortmann, G.; Felser, C.: Structure and electrical resistivity of mixed-valent EuNi2P2 at high pressure. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, 335701, S. 1 - 5 (2014)
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