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Albers, C.; Sakrowski, R.; Libon, L.; Spiekermann, G.; Winkler, B.; Schmidt, C.; Bayarjargal, L.; Cerantola, V.; Chariton, S.; Giordano, N. et al.; Gretarsson, H.; Kaa, J.; Liermann, H.-P.; Sundermann, M.; Thiering, N.; Tolan, M.; Wilke, M.; Sternemann, C.: Fe3+-hosting carbon phases in the deep Earth. Physical Review B 105 (8), 085155, S. 1 - 10 (2022)
Rajh, A.; Arčon, I.; Bučar, K.; Žitnik, M.; Petric, M.; Vizintin, A.; Bitenc, J.; Košir, U.; Dominko, R.; Gretarsson, H. et al.; Sundermann, M.; Kavčič, M.: Characterization of Electrochemical Processes in Metal-Organic Batteries by X-ray Raman Spectroscopy br. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (12), S. 5435 - 5442 (2022)
Amorese, A.; Leedahl, B.; Sundermann, M.; Gretarsson, H.; Hu, Z.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C. T.; Schmidt, M.; Borrmann, H.; Grin, Y. et al.; Severing, A.; Haverkort, M. W.; Tjeng, L. H.: Selective Orbital Imaging of Excited States with X-Ray Spectroscopy: The Example of α-MnS. Physical Review X 11 (1), 011002, S. 1 - 11 (2021)
Elbers, M.; Schmidt, C.; Sternemann, C.; Sahle, C. J.; Jahn, S.; Albers, C.; Sakrowski, R.; Gretarsson, H.; Sundermann, M.; Tolan, M. et al.; Wilke, M.: Ion association in hydrothermal aqueous NaCl solutions: implications for the microscopic structure of supercritical water. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23, S. 14845 - 14856 (2021)
Spiekermann, G.; Libon, L.; Albers, C.; Sakrowski, R.; Petitgirard, S.; Sahle, C. J.; Sundermann, M.; Gretarsson, H.; Sergueev, I.; Sternemann, C. et al.; Wilke, M.; Murakami, M.: Reflective imaging, on-axis laser heating and radiospectrometry of samples in diamond anvil cells with a parabolic mirror. High Pressure Research 41 (2), S. 142 - 154 (2021)
Amorese, A.; Sundermann, M.; Leedahl, B.; Marino, A.; Takegami, D.; Gretarsson, H.; Gloskovskii, A.; Schlueter, C.; Haverkort, M. W.; Huang, Y. et al.; Szlawska, M.; Kaczorowski, D.; Ran, S.; Maple, M. B.; Bauer, E. D.; Leithe-Jasper, A.; Hansmann, P.; Thalmeier, P.; Tjeng, L. H.; Severing, A.: From antiferromagnetic and hidden order to Pauli paramagnetism in UM2Si2 compounds with 5f electron duality. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (48), S. 30220 - 30227 (2020)
Leedahl, B.; Sundermann, M.; Amorese, A.; Severing, A.; Gretarsson, H.; Zhang, L.; Komarek, A. C.; Maignan, A.; Haverkort, M. W.; Tjeng, L. H.: Origin of Ising magnetism in Ca3Co2O6 unveiled by orbital imaging. Nature Communications 10, 5447, S. 1 - 7 (2019)
Sundermann, M.; Amorese, A.; Strigari, F.; Leedahl, B.; Tjeng, L. H.; Haverkort, M. W.; Gretarsson, H.; Yavaş, H.; Sala, M. M.; Bauer, E. D. et al.; Rosa, P. F. S.; Thompson, J. D.; Severing, A.: Orientation of the ground-state orbital in CeCoIn5 and CeRhIn5. Physical Review B 99 (23), 235143, S. 1 - 6 (2019)
Yavaş, H.; Sundermann, M.; Chen, K.; Amorese, A.; Severing, A.; Gretarsson, H.; Haverkort, M. W.; Tjeng, L. H.: Direct imaging of orbitals in quantum materials. Nature Physics 15, S. 559 - 562 (2019)
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