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Zeitschriftenartikel (7)

Hamann, S.; Zhang, J.; Jang, D.; Hannaske, A.; Steinke, L.; Lausberg, S.; Pedrero, L.; Klingner, C.; Baenitz, M.; Steglich, F. et al.; Krellner, C.; Geibel, C.; Brando, M.: Evolution from Ferromagnetism to Antiferromagnetism in Yb(Rh1-xCox)2Si2. Physical Review Letters 122 (7), 077202, S. 1 - 6 (2019)
Kummer, K.; Patil, S.; Chikina, A.; Guettler, M.; Hoeppner, M.; Generalov, A.; Danzenbaecher, S.; Seiro, S.; Hannaske, A.; Krellner, C. et al.; Kucherenko, Y.; Shi, M.; Radovic, M.; Rienks, E.; Zwicknagl, G.; Matho, K.; Allen, J. W.; Laubschat, C.; Geibel, C.; Vyalikh, D. V.: Temperature-Independent Fermi Surface in the Kondo Lattice YbRh2Si2. Physical Review X 5 (1), 011028, S. 1 - 9 (2015)
Güttler, M.; Kummer, K.; Patil, S.; Höppner, M.; Hannaske, A.; Danzenbächer, S.; Shi, M.; Radovic, M.; Rienks, E.; Laubschat, C. et al.; Geibel, C.; Vyalikh, D. V.: Tracing the localization of 4f electrons: Angle-resolved photoemission on YbCo2Si2, the stable trivalent counterpart of the heavy-fermion YbRh2Si2. Physical Review B 90 (19), 195138, S. 1 - 5 (2014)
Hannaske, A.; Stockert, O.; Klingner, C.; Krellner, C.; Matas, S.; Pedrero, L.; Brando, M.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F.: Magnetic properties of Yb(Rh0.42o0.58)2Si2. Physica Status Solidi B 250 (3), S. 476 - 481 (2013)
Lausberg, S.; Hannaske, A.; Steppke, A.; Steinke, L.; Gruner, T.; Pedrero, L.; Krellner, C.; Klingner, C.; Brando, M.; Geibel, C. et al.; Steglich, F.: Doped YbRh2Si2: Not Only Ferromagnetic Correlations but Ferromagnetic Order. Physical Review Letters 110 (25), 256402, S. 1 - 5 (2013)
Daou, R.; Weickert, F.; Nicklas, M.; Steglich, F.; Haase, A.; Doerr, M.: High resolution magnetostriction measurements in pulsed magnetic fields using fiber Bragg gratings. Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (3), 033909, S. 033909-1 - 033909-5 (2010)
Doerr, M.; Haase, A.; Loewenhaupt, M.; Rotter, M.; Bartkowiak, M.; Daou, R.; Kampert, E.; Perenboom, J. A. A. J.; Tsutaoka, T.: Competition of two-ion and single-ion anisotropy in rare-earth systems: Large anisotropy example of Tb5Ge3. Physical Review B 82 (2), 024422, S. 024422-1 - 024422-7 (2010)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Daou, R.; Haase, A.; Doerr, M.; Rotter, M.; Weickert, F.; Nicklas, M.; Steglich, F.: Magnetoelastic quantum oscillations in GdSb to 55 T. International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES 2010), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 27. Juni 2010 - 02. Juli 2010. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 273 (1), 012111, S. 012111-1 - 012111-4 (2011)
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