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Falke, J.; Chang, C. F.; Liu, C. E.; Takegami, D.; Melendez-Sans, A.; Chen, C.-S.; Zhao, L.; Komarek, A. C.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Chen, C. T. et al.; Tjeng, L. H.: Electronic structure of the metallic oxide ReO3. Physical Review B 103 (11), 115125, S. 1 - 6 (2021)
Zhao, J.; Haw, S.-C.; Wang, X.; Hu, Z.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Chen, S.-A.; Ishii, H.; Hiraoka, N.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C.-T. et al.; Li, Z.; Tanaka, A.; Liu, C.-E.; Yu, R.; Chen, J.-M.; Jin, C.: Spin State and Spin-State Transition of Co3+ Ion in BiCoO3. Physica Status Solidi B, 2100117, S. 1 - 6 (2021)
He, Y.; Fecher, G. H.; Kroder, J.; Borrmann, H.; Wang, X.; Zhang, L.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Liu, C.-E.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, K. et al.; Choueikani, F.; Ohresser, P.; Tanaka, A.; Hu, Z.; Felser, C.: Easy-cone magnetic structure in (Cr0.9B0.1)Te. Applied Physics Letters 116, 102404, S. 1 - 4 (2020)
Pereira, V. M.; Wu, C. N.; Liu, C. E.; Liao, S.-C.; Chang, C.-F.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Koz, C.; Schwarz, U.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C. T. et al.; Tjeng, L. H.; Altendorf, S. G.: Molecular beam epitaxy preparation and in situ characterization of FeTe thin films. Physical Review Materials 4 (2), 023405, S. 1 - 6 (2020)
Pereira, V. M.; Altendorf, S. G.; Liu, C. E.; Liao, S. C.; Komarek, A. C.; Guo, M.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C. T.; Hong, M.; Kwo, J. et al.; Tjeng, L. H.; Wu, C. N.: Topological insulator interfaced with ferromagnetic insulators: Bi2Te3 thin films on magnetite and iron garnets. Physical Review Materials 4, 064202, S. 1 - 8 (2020)
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