Minerva Fast Track group and Miller Fellowship at UC Berkeley for Dr. Veronika Sunko

24. September 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Veronika Sunko on winning two prestigious fellowships, one from the Max Planck Society and one from UC Berkeley. The Max Planck award is that of a Minerva Fast Track group leadership, which Veronika is using to establish her new group on Optical Investigation of Quantum Materials. The UC Berkeley award is a Miller Fellowship to spend three years working in California with Profs. Joe Orenstein and James Analytis. Given the highly unusual circumstances due to the pandemic, Veronika has been forced to postpone her start date at UC Berkeley. The President has kindly agreed that she can take up her Minerva Fast Track fellowship immediately, go to Berkeley when that becomes possible, and then complete her Minerva fellowship on her return to Germany. This is one of a number of ways in which the Max Planck Society is going out of its way to help its young staff navigate the current difficult global situation, something for which we are all very grateful.


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