By German law, you have to have valid health insurance cover yourself (and your family) from the moment you arrive in Germany.

Research stay based on a scholarship or grant
If you are supported by a scholarship you can only opt for private insurance cover. Max Planck Society recommends Hallesche

Research stay based on an employment contract
If you are employed on the basis of an employment contract it depends on your income whether you can take out private or statutory insurance cover.

Please make sure your health insurance from home covers you at least until the first week after your entry to Germany. As soon as you arrive at the Max Planck Institute, we will help you take out a health insurance for the whole period of your stay. There are a number of German health insurance companies from which to choose.

If you prefer to take up a health insurance from your home country that covers you for the entire period of your stay in Germany please consider that you need an insurance that does not only cover your stay in Germany but provides coverage worldwide. While working at the MPI CPfS you are likely to participate in conferences and workshops abroad. Please have in mind as well that your health insurance contract needs to be translated into German by an authorized translator to be submitted to the local immigration office when applying for a residence permit.

EU citizens have in most cases coverage due to bilateral agreements between EU nations.

NOTE: You should undergo any necessary prophylactic check-ups and have special medication (you may need regularly) prescribed in your home country before leaving. This might be of importance if you need medication not sold in Germany.

We strongly advise you to also conclude a personal liability insurance. Some health insurance contracts include liability insurances. It is recommended as you become liable for damages unintendedly caused by you or your family to persons or objects not belonging to you. Parents are liable for their children. Usually landlords ask their tenants for such an insurance.

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