Dr. Enke Liu honored with National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars

1. September 2017

The National Natural Science Foundation of China honors Dr. Enke Liu, a Humboldt research fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, with the 2017 National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars for his great contribution to magnetic phase transitions. This scholarship serves as a substantial bolster to the young talents in China.

Dr. Liu began his studies on magneto structural phase transitions in 2008. He discovered the effects of "Curie-Temperature Window" in hexagonal MM'X compounds and proposed a principle of "isostructural alloying" to simultaneously manipulate the phase stability and the magnetic couplings, which promotes the MM'X compounds to become types of emerging magnetic phase-transition materials. From the view of d-d covalent bonding, Dr. Liu created a novel family of all-d-metal Heusler alloys with both excellent mechanical and martensitic shape-memory properties, which deepens the understanding on phase formation and expands the space and physics of Heusler alloys.

As a visiting Humboldt research fellow at MPI CPfS, Dr. Liu studies caloric effects based on phase transitions in high pulsed magnetic fields and magneto-transport spintronics of all-d-metal Heusler compounds and beyond in collaboration with Prof. Claudia Felser and Prof. Stuart Parkin. 

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