ECSSC-27 Lille Poster Award Winner

20. September 2019

The 17th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry (ECSSC) took place at the Université de Lille in northern France on September 1-4, 2019. This conference is dedicated to all aspects of the synthesis, design and evolution of solid functional materials with extended structures and interesting chemical or physical properties. The focal themes of this conference include Advances in Solid State Materials Synthesis, Functional Materials and Materials Design, Crystalline and Disordered Compounds, glasses, Electrochemistry, energy, Nanomaterials and thin films, Quantum materials, Hybrids, Micro/mesoporous materials, and much more.

During the conference, more than 220 participants presented 8 plenary and keynote lectures, 8 invited lectures, and 49 oral presentations, as well as 126 posters. Among the latter, judges selected the two best posters, based on the level of research, quality of the poster, and clarity of the presentation.

We are very pleased to announce that among the participants one young scientist from the MPI CPfS was awarded the best poster price: Natalia Gloriozova from the department of Chemical Metals Science for the poster entitled Cationic structures in nitridochromates Ca6[CrN3]N2, Ca4[CrN3]N, and LiCa9[CrN3]2N3. This poster presented the discovery and characterization of three new alkaline-earth rich nitridochromate phases employing innovative synthetic routes in collaboration with P. Höhn, M. Bobnar and Yu. Grin. We congratulate Natalia Gloriozova on her success.

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