Dr. Sanjay Singh awarded with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam award 

23. August 2016
Dr. Sanjay Singh was awarded “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam award” for his excellent research work in the field of Science and Technology by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state government on the occasion of 70th Independence day (15th August 2016) of India. The award carries one Lakh INR.  

Dr. Singh is awarded for his contribution in the field of Heusler alloys. He has investigated Heusler alloys for magnetic shape memory actuators and magnetic refrigeration applications.  The magnetic refrigeration based on the magnetocaloric effect represents the most promising alternative to the conventional gas compression refrigeration. The effect can generate large temperature changes around room-temperature, particularly in Heusler materials having both magnetic and structural phase transitions. These transitions are induced by external magnetic fields and can be composition-tuned over wide temperature ranges, making them ideal for cooling applications.

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